A HAMUQ Mattress Review - Level Up Your Entrepreneur Skills With Sleep

Posted on 30 July 2017

Sleep is free and it's often one of the first things to go when we get busy. Reviewing the Hamuq mattress reminded me how important a good nights rest is for your well-being.

A HAMUQ Mattress Review x The Claire Closet | Claire Bouvier

For as long as I can remember, I never liked the idea of having to go to bed. I always felt that I was wasting time by sleeping. Having a bedtime as a child was torturous. There were so many more things I’d rather be doing than lying horizontally looking up at the ceiling. And for someone with ADHD, this makes it particularly more difficult. So at a very early age, I started to create a negative relationship with sleeping.


As I got older, I had more freedom with regulating my bed times. Many nights I played with time and would see how little sleep I needed to be feeling rested for the next day. Unfortunately that never played out as well as I had hoped. However my university days did not pose such a problem because I had so much free time and could always get the sleep I needed. Sleeping in was usually an option. So were having afternoon naps.

At this time, I started backpacking and traveling around the world. I noticed that my bed had become bus seats, tarps under trees, guest rooms, hammocks, corn fields, and several other nooks and crannies I could find last minute. Despite how important I knew sleep was, I never prioritized my sleeping or what I was sleeping on.

But as the years passed, and I started working as a teacher, these options were not so readily available or accessible anymore. I quickly realized that I could not curl up in the middle of class and take a snooze – despite the urge. Therefore good sleeps was vital for my career and my health. Maintaining a sleep schedule was also pertinent for productivity and happiness. No longer was I responsible for my own wellbeing but now I had 90 students that relied on me every hour of the school day. If I did not get enough sleep, it was difficult and I could not perform nearly as well. This of course is not novel - yet it is important that we remind ourselves that we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Therefore, we need to make sure that we dedicate time to both creating and investing for a proper sleep.

During my late twenties, I had a drastic career change from teacher to full time entrepreneur. This was an extreme transition because I had to financially support myself and manage my own schedule. Someone that is naturally reluctant to go to bed, this was incredibly difficult for an entrepreneur with ADHD. And if I did not sleep, I was unproductive and my businesses took a hit. Luckily, my teacher days had taught me the importance of respecting my sleep and keeping to a schedule. However, despite the optimal environments I created for myself, I quickly discovered that I needed to take the plunge and,


The stress alone of going to bed with a mattress that was too hard, too soft, the springs squeaked, there was a dip in the middle, etc. was enough to delay going to bed and finally, preventing me from sleeping. So, one day I decided enough was enough and got the gusto to spend half of my pay check on a new mattress.  

This was a pivotal moment for the growth and productivity of my businesses. My sleeps drastically improved. Not to mention, I even started to enjoy crawling into bed at night. This was the beginning of a beautiful new chapter for both my personal and professional life.

So why not make your life more enjoyable? After all, you are spending 1/3 of your life sleeping. Why not make it even more awesome?

Take you first step today.

Think outside the box



*Disclosure Hamuq reached out to us and offered one of their mattresses in exchange for an honest review and postings on social media, our blog and YouTube. 

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