About FEiST: Female Entrepreneurs in Small Towns

Claire Bouvier with Noreen Flanagan- Editor in Chief of FASHION Canada

Claire with Noreen Flanagan- Editor in Chief of FASHION Canada


The Claire Closet series FEiST “Female Entrepreneurs in Small Towns” focuses on celebrating the entrepreneurial journey from women in all industries and experience levels.

The FEiST web series is composed of videos interviewing women both locally and internationally. The video series aims to inspire, accelerate, and mentor female entrepreneurs. Claire Bouvier discusses a specific theme or topic that help guide viewers on how they can move an idea forward and take the first step in their entrepreneurial journey.


The series is also composed of speaker series and co-working camps. This allows the entrepreneurial woman to connect offline and strengthen her resources and networks as she continues to build her business brand. Please see FEiST schedule for up coming dates.


The Claire Closet is excited to announce the partnership with The Sanctuary. The Santuary is an inspiring co-working space that allows entrepreneurs to build, grow and connect. The Sanctuary will host The Claire Closet events this fall and winter.

To know more about The Sanctuary, go to http://www.thesanctuarykingston.ca/


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